Mission and Programs


Mission: Sickle Cell Society was founded in 1969 to identify and to improve the quality of medical follow-up and social functioning, to counsel sickle cell disease (SCD) carriers, and to stimulate research.

Programs: SCS wishes to position itself to enhance the overall care of the sickle cell disease patient for the 21st century. SCS provides sickle cell disease education, screening, genetic and psychosocial counseling and a forum for research. SCS also provides clinical, social, and medical management services to patients. One of SCS’ recent accomplishments was widening its laboratory services to patients, including chemistry analysis. SCS also established comprehensive SCD consortiums to enhance resources.

The Sickle Cell Society Inc. offers adults with sickle cell disease and their families the following:

  • Sickle cell disease educational resources
  • Psychosocial services
  • Comprehensive referral medical treatment

The organization is available for people with sickle cell disease in every way possible. Its holistic approach to early diagnosis and ongoing treatment improves a patient’s ability to understand, fight and manage the effects of sickle cell disease.

For more information, or to learn more about these resources, call 412-371-0628 or email ­sicklepgh@juno.com.